Salt Lake City

Last weekend I was able to do some hiking near Salt Lake City in Utah. There were some stunning views of Great Salt Lake from the flight. The Lucin Cutoff causes differences in salinity in three parts of the lake. The corresponding difference in algae growth is visible in the photo below.

The first hike we did on Friday was the Mount Olympus trail:

It was a long, steep climb but the views from the top were worth it!

The group I was with continued on to Lake Tahoe on Saturday, but I stayed in the area to do a couple more hikes. First up was the Lake Blanche Trail:

After Lake Blanche was Bells Canyon Trail:

This trail started out looking very different to the snow that was at Lake Blanche, but there was lots of snow on the trail by the top.

I’m happy anywhere aspen leaves are shaking in the wind!