New York City

I spent the last weekend in New York City, doing the tourist thing. I went with very few plans and met up with another guy from work who has spent a year in NYC. Despite a several hour delay and change of airline & airport on the flight there, it was a successful trip!

Saturday played out as a busy day! In order:

  • Run in Central Park
  • Grand Central Station
  • The High Line - a park that’s been built on decommissioned overhead train tacks
  • Oculus - a $4 billion transit station
  • 9/11 Memorial - pretty sobering to think there were two massive buildings full of people where the monuments now stand
  • One World Observatory, 102 floors up
  • Stone Street - a street in the historic district with lots of old bars, it was absolutely packed though because of Cinco de Mayo
  • Times Square
  • Dinner at Ipanema
  • A Housewarming in Brooklyn, where we ended the day

Sunday was a quieter day. We spent most of our time in Dumbo (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass), an area in Brooklyn with pretty great views of the city. We went to Grimaldi’s pizza, which is one of the old, amazing pizza places in NYC. A walk across the Brooklyn Bridge closed out the weekend: