Dallas, Trinity River/Bishop Arts/Downtown

Yesterday I went for a walk through some of Dallas that I haven’t explored yet, despite technically living here for about 9 months (I say technically, as a lot of that time was spent travelling for work). I made a rough map of my walk using On the Go Map.

Following are a few notable points on the trip.

Trinity River and the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge:

Landscape shot of Trinity River
Helix-inspired arches of the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge

Lockhart Smokehouse - a reasonably famous BBQ place, where the ‘Texan Vegetarian’ section comprises of chicken/turkey, instead of beef 🤣:

Lockhart smokehouse menu

The delicious taster flight at Bishop Cider Co:

Cider menu with 4 ciders

A 30-ft eyeball in downtown Dallas, which is quite hard to miss:

Large plastic eyeball in a park

And finally, this sign, which I feel captures so much of what it is like walking in a US city other than New York:

Sign in the middle of a huge puddle saying 'pavement ends' despite there being no discernable pavement

I never did spot the pavement in that area, but at least I know not to expect one to appear now that it’s ‘ended’.

The lack of people walking here continues to blow my mind. I walked an hour from the Bishop Arts District to downtown, and didn’t walk past a single person. A group of young guys went past in a car and one of them yelled “ain’t y’all heard of Uber?”, further affirming my belief that everyone thought I was crazy for walking. I guess it’s not that surprising given a couple of times the pavement I was walking on came to a major road and just stopped, leaving me to backtrack and find somewhere else to go.